Hi There…. My name is Rick Nielsen, the owner of Business Learning Systems and as you might expect, we approach business technology from a systems perspective…

How does the tech you are thinking of purchasing or have already invested in enhance your business?

Do the piece parts of the the tech you have employed “Talk to each other”? Or In geek speak “Does it integrate”? If your answer is, “I don’t know how well it’s integrated” or… “My accounting software does not talk to my CRM” or… well, you get the idea … We can help you get clear on, decide and take action on your key tech initiatives.

With over 35 years of experience in most aspects of business and how those areas relate to one another from a technology perspective, we can help you identify weaknesses and inefficiencies as they relate to tech; areas where you are not getting the ROI you expected and then take your business to the next level.

We can assist you in moving the situation from a less desirable “current state” to a “future or ideal state” where:
• The right information flows from one process to another,
• You can make better business decisions,
• You can focus on your BUSINESS and NOT the technology,
• And finally leverage tech to GROW your business!

Here is a partial list of areas of experience and expertise:
• ERP / CRM systems – Sourcing, qualifying, purchasing, implementation, “reimplementation”, upgrading and training
• Materials management
• Information systems management
• Networking design, redesign and implementation
• Purchasing management – All aspects including high level negotiations
• Production planning – Kanban and MRP – Implementation and operations
• Forecasting – Implementation and maintenance
• Lean enterprise
• Business process mapping, systems analysis , design and implementation
• Quality systems
• eLearning or self paced training /course development
• Instructional design – Audio, video, animation production
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Strategic planning
• Safety management
• Podcasting / blogging development and production
• Email and PPC marketing

Hope to hear from you soon!